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Financial Planning

Krishna Investments was founded in the year 2007, with the main objective of providing comprehensive financial solutions in the Indian Capital Market. Prior to setting up the same, Jai kumar krishnan has 20 years of financial experience having worked both in India (10 years) and abroad (10 years) in all areas of capital markets. We have provided advisory services to our clients, through all the phases of the Indian equity markets. We strongly believe in the growing Indian Economy and its robust financial markets and the scope it provides to create Long Term Wealth for investors.

Help you achieve your financial goals by drawing up a Comprehensive Financial Plan which answers to the following questions

Why do you need a financial Plan?

What is the amount of money you need to accumulate by your retirement to maintain your present standard of living post retirement?

What is your current net worth?

What is my current expenses and how much will I spend when I retire?

Will I have enough for post-retirement vacations, medical emergencies?

Do I need Life cover post retirement?

How do i reduce my tax outgo?

How to ensure that my assets go to my heirs post my death?

How to protect my assets?

Risk Profile Questionnaire