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Income Tax Returns E-Filing

As an Individual you are required by law to file your Income Tax Returns, if your total income without allowing deductions (such as Section 80C etc) exceeds the basic exemption limit.

When is e-filing your Income Tax Return compulsory?

From the Assessment year 2012-13, e-filing of the Income Tax Return has become compulsory for the following cases, for individuals :

If your Total Income exceeds Rs. 10 Lakhs

If you own foreign assets

I have paid all my taxes, do I still need to file my Income Tax Return?

As explained above, the law has placed an obligation on you to file the Income Tax Return even if you have no tax due.

How Can We Assist You

We will complete the entire process of computing the total Income under various heads , tax payable / self assessment tax if any and filing of e - returns, submission of acknowledgement .

Frequently asked question

Why do you need to file your returns on or before the due date?

E-Filling of Income Tax Returns for Individuals.

What are the documents needed to prepare your returns?

What are the various heads of Income to be considered for filing your returns?